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If you’re looking for a fulfilling travel experience that nourishes your mind, body and spirit – as well as your appetite – look no further than a voyage to the Mediterranean this summer or fall. We’ve recently unveiled an innovative new collection of wellness and healthy living tours, Wellness Tours Inspired by Canyon Ranch, in hand-picked destinations across the Mediterranean. This, combined with our expansive new vegan menus and free fitness and wellness classes, brings you fully-integrated wellness retreats at sea – a cruise industry first.

As our ships already offer a full range of on board spa, wellness and culinary amenities provided by Canyon Ranch, including healthy spa cuisine menu options, you can enjoy a complete getaway that truly elevates your well-being. Tours across France, Spain, Italy and Greece now unify culture, alluring destinations and healthy living into memorable and rejuvenating travel experiences.

Below is the collection of exclusive new wellness tours, now available on select 2017 Mediterranean voyages. Click on the tour name to view the complete shore excursion description and availability.

Arrecife (Lanzarote), Canary Islands

The Healing Effects of Aloe Vera

aloe vera.jpg

Learn the natural secret to healthy living on the Canary Islands – the local aloe plant. Discover all about its cultivation and therapeutic uses, and even how to prepare a DIY aloe product at a unique aloe center and museum in a picturesque Canarian village.

Cartagena, Spain

The Curative Muds of Mar Menor

As you stroll along Mar Menor, the largest open-air mud therapy retreat in Europe, learn about the many curative benefits of mud baths.

Corfu, Greece

The Greek Gods of Wellness

Tour the ancestral estate of Ambelonas Corfu as you learn how to improve your quality of life through the seven dimensions of wellness. Practice some revitalizing meditation and yoga, and then enjoy a cooking class to prepare a fresh and balanced organic meal.

Málaga, Spain

Royal Treatment at the Hammam Granada


Discover the secret to serenity practiced by Arabian royalty at the baths of the Hammam Granada as you indulge in the rejuvenating baths and a massage. Later enjoy a stroll through Albaycín, a charming neighborhood, and an authentic local lunch fit for royalty.

Palamos, Spain

Laughter Therapy on Costa Brava

At an elegant farmhouse-hotel, enjoy an exhilarating session of laughter therapy, which relieves stress, boosts the immune system and promotes overall health. Celebrate one of life’s greatest gifts – laughter – and learn why it is indeed the best medicine.

Palermo (Sicily), Italy

Zingaro Nature Reserve Trek

Relish an invigorating jaunt along the reserve’s oceanfront trails, which immerse you panoramic views and the local flora and fauna. Afterward, enjoy a refreshing swim in a nearby cove and savor a picnic of organic local fare amidst the serene seascape.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Tai Chi on a Mallorcan Beach

tai chi

Over the centuries, tai chi has evolved from an ancient Chinese martial art to a form of exercise that promotes serenity through gentle, flowing motions. Enjoy an expert-led session of tai chi on the beach as swaying palms and blue waters inspire your inner peace.

Provence (Marseille), France

Tai Chi at the Palace Garden

Find inner tranquility and stimulate well-being as you engage in the ancient art of tai chi on the lawn of a 19th-century palace built by Napoleon III, which offers waterfront views of the Old Port and the remarkable skyline of Marseille.

Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy

Thermal Baths of the Popes

In the ancient city of Viterbo, relax in splendid outdoor baths that have been visited by a succession of popes since the Middle Ages and are fed by the thermal waters of the famous Bullicame spring. The soothing waters and vapors provide the ultimate relaxation.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands

Sunset Yoga by the Sea


This inspiring and restorative yoga experience brings you a unique, harmonizing session on a gorgeous golden beach on Tenerife during a serene island sunset. Close the day with an open mind, body and soul as you improve your breathing techniques and flexibility

Seville (Cádiz), Spain

The Wonders of Apitherapy

Explore beyond traditional Western medicine to discover a holistic approach to wellness based on harmony with one of nature’s most treasured gifts, the wondrous beehive. At a beekeeping farm in the lovely countryside outside of Cádiz, you will discover the advantages of apitherapy, which embraces the many benefits of honeybee products.

Sorrento/Capri, Italy

The Phlegraean Fields

Since Roman times, people have taken advantage of the benefits of thermal waters in the legendary Phlegraean Fields. Within this landscape, visit the Stufe di Nerone baths to enjoy outdoor thermal pools, indoor whirlpools and a natural sauna in a cave.

Taormina (Sicily), Italy

Yoga on the Terrace of Taormina

Perched in the cliffs of Mount Tauro on Sicily, Taormina stands on a natural terrace that overlooks the sweeping bays of the Ionian Sea. Enhanced by the serenity of the splendid scenery, enjoy a revitalizing course of yoga that promotes mind and body wellness.

Join us this summer or fall for a perfectly blissful getaway at sea!


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