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10 Obscure Travel Destinations You Should Visit

Some of the best places in the world are the hidden gems. They’re the unknown cities in the world that don’t get the same attention as tourist sites, even though they deserve it. With crystal blue waters, sprawling mountainscapes, art and culture galore and historical architecture, these undiscovered places to travel have plenty to experience. There are so many locations you may have never heard of, but will surely want to visit.

We’ve gathered a list of obscure travel destinations . . .  READ MORE

Five Reasons Why a Cruise Down Under Should Be on Your Bucket List

Cruisers looking to channel their inner explorer and visit one of the most diverse and beautiful regions in the world can chart a course to Australia and New Zealand with Holland America Line come this fall. Noordam spends the fall through spring showcasing the lands Down Under, while Maasdam sets out on longer itineraries, including a once-in-a-lifetime Australia circumnavigation.

Offering a premium, mid-sized ship experience, Noordam uncovers Australia’s southern and eastern regions, and the . . .  READ MORE

7 Reasons an Avalon River Cruise Should Be Your Next Vacay

By Rachelle Lucas | Posted to TheTravelBite.com

River cruises are not what they used to be. Gone are the days of meeting in port for stuffy tours on big busses with boring itineraries. Avalon Waterways has created something unique for a new generation of thoughtful travelers, their Active and Discovery river cruises. I just returned from this river cruise on the Danube . . .  READ MORE

You Should Book Your Travel Packages Early

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Image by King Brian

You Should Book Your Travel Packages Early

Traveling can be pretty intimidating to someone that has never gone on a trip before. It can easily lead to a bit of information overload because of all of the resources you can access. Below are some tips to help you in organizing this information so that you can start traveling smarter and safer.

Make sure that you fill any prescriptions that you take on a regular basis before you leave town on a trip. Running out of medication . . .  READ MORE

Should I Purchase Travel Insurance? Travel Tips

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Image by Stellas mom

Should I Purchase Travel Insurance? Travel Tips

This is one of those age-old questions with no definitive answer. It’s estimated that 30 percent of Americans purchase travel insurance, which is a drastic increase since 9/11, when less than 10 percent of travelers were insured.

If you’re flying on a 0 ticket to see Aunt Irma in Wisconsin, you probably don’t need travel insurance. But on a trip such as yours, travel insurance can come in handy if something unexpectedly . . .  READ MORE

Wedding 101: Should You Rent A Limousine?

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Image by Mici Monster

Wedding 101: Should You Rent A Limousine?

A wedding is a ceremony that celebrates the beginning of a marriage or civil union, and is considered one of the most important events in life, as well as a perfect opportunity to perform a traditional ceremony and celebrate with friends and family. Costs to creating the perfect wedding may vary, some may wish to stick to the traditional church-wedding types, and others may go for unique or otherwise adventurous stuff like . . .  READ MORE

5 Reasons Why Alaska Should be on Your 2018 Travel List

It can be said that Alaska feeds all of the senses. Where else can you face the exhilaration of paddle boarding among the glaciers?  Feel the wind and ice on your face as you dog sled down a mountain?  Feast your eyes on bears snapping in the river at salmon under the blues of a seemingly endless sky? Or sample a mouthwatering reindeer hot dog for the first time?

Known as America’s Last Frontier,  . . .  READ MORE

Why Namibia Should Be on Your Travel List

From exciting safaris and genuine cultural interactions to sprawling deserts and surreal landscapes, Namibia has it all. Discover our Destination Specialists’ top 4 reasons you should sail to this stunning African country with us.

shutterstock_718093627.jpgThe Breathtaking Namib Desert
The 80 million-year-old Namib Desert is one of the oldest deserts in the world, home to the world’s highest-shifting sand dunes and adorned with a kaleidoscope of vivid colors. Within the Namib Desert, . . .  READ MORE

Why You Should Cruise Europe in the Fall

Frequent Oceania Cruises guest Lisa F. shares why autumn can be the best time to explore Europe.

During my years of traveling, I’ve visited Europe in the spring, summer and fall. While I’ve always had a wonderful experience, I think fall is my favorite season for exploring the Mediterranean. Here are the reasons why:


Depending on exactly when and where you travel, daytime temperatures in the fall range from upper 60s to upper 70s, which I find to be the perfect traveling weather.  You can’t . . .  READ MORE

Six Things You Should Know About A Windstar Tahiti Cruise

by Matt Long

For me, and millions like me, a cruise to Tahiti was the stuff of dreams. For as long as I can remember, traveling to these fabled islands has been number one on my travel wish list and finally getting the chance to explore the South Pacific was a dream come true. I learned a lot though on my Tahiti cruise with Windstar, and more than anything I found myself surprised by the journey again and again. Today I want to share . . .  READ MORE