Family Travel Bargains Are Just A Mouse Click Away

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Family Travel Bargains Are Just A Mouse Click Away

In addition to being difficult, planning the family vacation can be expensive. Fortunately for us we can use the internet to make planning a lot easier. Spending a few hours online can save you hundreds of dollars on your next trip as well as give you tips to make your trip even more fun.

Once thought of as a vacation for couples, cruises are fast becoming a family favorite. Today’s cruise lines know that if they can plan fun activities for the children mom and dad will have fun too. The first place to start your search should be to go directly to the cruise lines themselves.

A quick search on your favorite each engine, like Yahoo or Google will reveal all the top cruise lines in seconds. Many of the cruise lines offer special last minute specials that you may be the perfect family vacation and save you a bundle. While on these websites, check for package deals. Many cruise lines like to partner with the airlines to provide “one stop shopping” for their customers. These may not always be the best deals but in a few clicks of a mouse, your vacation can be booked.

One of my family’s favorite vacation spots is sunny Florida. The big theme parks like to put together package deals to make planning your trip easier. Most of these package deals will include everything from airfare, tickets to the park, rental cars and even free parking at the park. Because Florida is such a big hit with families, hotels often offer “kids eat for free” deals. This can be a huge savings for a family of four. The hotels that offer these discounts are generally the ones that are kid friendly and offer activities to keep the kids busy when not at the parks.

Getting there can be one of the biggest expenses of your trip so check to see if the airlines are offering any specials to your destination. You may find a buy one ticket get another for half price deal or some offer special rates for kids under a certain age. If you’re shopping for the best airfare at “the right time” you may even stumble onto a fantastic deal that an airline is offering to fill up seats on specific flights. These are generally deals that are offered for a very limited time, so have your credit card ready when you search.

Airlines and travel agencies will often feature promotional periods where they will take care of everything for your entire family for one price. These promotions are usually offered just once or twice a year to create a buzz for their business. If your timing is right you can take advantage of one of these deals. Ask around to see when and if your airline or travel agent offers these.

If you’re not sure where you want to go or how much you should budget for your family vacation, get online and start searching. There are deals online that can not be offered elsewhere, with a little luck and great timing, you can plan the perfect family vacation without breaking the bank!

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15 thoughts on “Family Travel Bargains Are Just A Mouse Click Away”

  1. I had an inside cabin – Feb. this year going from Sydney to NZ and return – Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!! 1) we could no fit between the wall and the bed to get in bed… we had to jump in the bed to be able to go to sleep…. God!!!!!!!! 2) there is absolutely no air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got up every single morning with a maxive heath ache!………. God!!!!! BUT apart from all that… it was ok…
    I think we were just extremely unlucky because we are two BIG people and they put us in an "extremely small inside cabin" please tell people to make sure that they give you one of the big inside cabins… for two people and no the small ones.. .

  2. Our inside cabin saved us $300 USD over an exterior port hole cabin. We spent the extra money to book our preferred shore excursion in Cuba. Definitely worth it.

  3. Hi your videos. I just booked an inside "sideways" cabin on the Emerald Princess R507 for 2245 Cad. 15 days incl gratuities and 300 ob credit. Fantastic deal. Hawaii from L A. March 2019. I cant wait. First time for me with an inside cabin but l couldnt afford a balcony for both hubby and l for 15 days. It practically cuts the cost in half for us.

  4. Another nice video! We almost always book inside just to cruise more unless we get some great deal on a balcony. We were in a promenade cabin on Freedom of the seas, it was great, one of my favorite all time. It is bigger and does have that extra couch if you are traveling with friends and want to entertain. We were worried about noise. This was not a problem at all. We went to sleep early one night when they had one of their parades down there and didn't hear a thing.

  5. No no inside is not for me. I love my balcony. I'll on vacation to enjoy my balcony at the end of the day. If i want to sleep i stay home.

  6. you know, i agree…we have sailed in an inside cabin and did more out and about on the ship than when we sailed in a balcony room….we tended to linger longer in the balcony rooms and probably missed out on alot of fun things to do around the ship. We definitely will be trying the inside cabins again…they are a great value for your money!

  7. Totally off topic question, but we've been binge-watching your videos, and we're having a disagreement about where in the UK you're from. Can't find out anywhere, will you tell us?

  8. Agree with you.Once you bring a night light and an alarm clock you're grand.Only use the cabin to sleep in and to get ready.So much to do on the ship and love exploring the ports.Enjoy your cruise

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