Taking Pictures On A Cruise Trip

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Taking Pictures On A Cruise Trip

Life is often considered to be an accumulation of memories by many people. However, whether this concept is true or not is beyond the scope of this article. But, we know that if you were going on a cruise then you would definitely want to have a copy of your vacation memories not just in your mind but also on film or holiday video. Later on when you look at the pictures that you have taken, not only do they bring back pleasant feeling but also helps you to remember details that you would have forgotten. It doesn’t matter of you are an amateur photographer or a professional photographer with sophisticated equipments and perfect knowledge of lights and angles, this article will give you some tips that you may find useful.

Remember, these tips do not aim to improve your photographic techniques but will help you to understand the “soft” side of taking photos.

Before you start taking pictures of your cruise, you should remember that your cruise is meant to be a holiday and not an extended posing session in front of the camera. Photographs should be taken not to prove your presence on the ship, but to remember the atmosphere and the environment of your cruise trip. Hence, it is better if you take pictures of things that will help you remember the trip than of your family displacing a theatrical sign or all gathered around the railing.

Another best way to take pictures is by not warning the person that you are about to click his photograph. By clicking pictures in this method you will be able to have loads of fun. You may end up with a few blurred pictures, but you will be able to capture the true spirit of the trip. These pictures will also tell a much nicer story than any boring group photo.

You should not forget to take pictures of the surroundings of the ship. Traveling by boat or taking a cruise on a ship is not an everyday experience, so it is always better to take a few photos of the surrounding of the ship for photographic remembrance. You should also not forget to take pictures of the oceanic panorama, the porthole of your cabin and the ship crew in their uniform. However, you should remember to be a little bit creative and not to take just random pictures of the cruise.

If you decide to take pictures of the ocean and the ship then it is better to use the optimal settings of your camera and to take your time to find a better angle for the picture. For instance, a picture of the ocean that has the edge of the ship of your trip or the frame of your porthole, will look much better and will also be a better trigger for your memory than a mere snapshot of the ocean.

Finally, you should remember not to overdo the taking pictures experience. Unless you want to enter your pictures in a photography contest, it is advisable to leave all the sophisticated cameras and equipment like the tripod stands and several sets of lens at home. It is best to a use a regular camera or a disposable one for family vacations or cruise trips. At home when you open your album, you will do it not to see if the color balance is correct, but to remember the fun times that you had enjoyed on your cruise trip.

In the end, just relax, enjoy your trip and say cruise!

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